Understanding the LAG Poker Player

Of all of the different types of poker players, the LAG player--or the Loose Aggressive player--is one of the most frustrating. Understanding LAGs is the first part of beating them at their own game.

Are LAGs Profitable?

Though this question is surrounded by a fair amount of controversy, it is safe to say that LAGs are some of the best poker players at the table and therefore not considered profitable. The best strategy to employ against LAGs is one that will minimize the edge they have over a player or perhaps even exploit any noticeable weaknesses in their strategies. While the profits may be marginal, they are certainly better than losses.

LAG Strengths

Before a player can hope to take down a LAG by exploiting their weaknesses, they must first understand the LAGs strengths so that they are not exploited themselves. The best LAGs have balanced ranges, cannot be caught in a bluff and will likely have absolutely no tells present. They will be the first players at the table to take down the fish, and they will undoubtedly have the biggest bankrolls.

Beating the LAGs

The only weakness that is present in most LAGs is their tendency to bet too much too often. The best strategy for a player of this caliber is to bluff and raise more often than normal in hopes of getting them to contribute more of their bankroll to the pot. Getting a LAG to fold is never easy, and it should be noted that bluff-raising can backfire if not used with precision.

LAGs get their reputations by having an unmatchable knowledge of the game of poker and keeping their range perfectly balanced. Beating them is difficult, but it is not impossible. When they cannot be beat, players should use caution to protect their assets as much as they can.