Cashing in with Heads-Up Poker

Rush Poker is a game that follows the traditional rules of poker, but the games are very fast-paced and opponents are swapped after each hand. This can make things difficult for some players, so it is always best for them to be prepared.

Tells and Bluffs

Tells and bluffs are an integral part of many peoples' poker playing strategies, but this becomes obsolete in a game of Rush Poker. Players simply do not have the time to get to know their opponents, including their personal tells and their bluffs. This can certainly put players at a disadvantage, but this is equalized by the fact that the opponents are also mystified by the player.

Forget Position and Passive Play

While position and passive play have their places at typical poker tables, there is simply no time for them in a game of Rush Poker. Position can help players make better decisions based upon the bets the other people at the table place, but this is generally only true after several hands of gameplay. Similarly, playing passively may be a good way to psych out aggressive fish in a traditional poker game, but there is no time for that in Rush Poker. Playing aggressively is often the only way to make money with this game.

Forget Predictability and Table Image

Poker players work very hard to limit their predictability and perfect their mysterious table images in order to keep their opponents guessing. That is not necessary with Rush Poker, but players should not get into the habit of letting it slide because this laziness could eventually spill over into their standard poker games. Essentially, rather than concerning themselves with how they appear to their opponents, players should focus solely on the cards.

Rush Poker online is a great way for players to make a lot of money quickly, but it also limits the amount of information a player can gather from their opponents. Remember that everyone is playing blind and stay focused on the cards in order to realize the most profit from this game.